Proudly serving the Lehigh Valley and Pocono regions of Pennsylvania!


All Service is a family-owned company successfully launched in August 2010.  We are the original pioneers of this business for our region, with a team of 35 staff contractors across the eastern part of Pennsylvania.


After moving to this area several years ago, our company's founder quickly realized that the time-consuming combination of work and routine errands leaves most people no time for themselves or their family. 


Families and businesses have more responsibility than they can sometimes handle.   And with the daily responsibilities of life on top of everything else, you have virtually NO time these days to just sit back, relax, and just enjoy the quality lifestyle you've been hoping for. 


That is why WE are here!


Think of our team as personal assistants who can be there as an extra pair of hands when things are too hectic.  We can relieve a stressful load off your shoulders immediately, by taking over those routine or last minute responsibilities which seem to consume whatever time you have left in the day. 


And by allowing us to help, you'll end up gaining countless hours of free time now that those tasks are no longer your responsibility. 


Meet Ania - our company's founder!

  How can All Service help you?

Interested in hiring us to help? Here's what you can expect: 


You will work directly our client relations team to find a perfect assistant for you.  We usually suggest meeting in person to go over your needs, requests, scheduling concerns and required paperwork.


Upon our initial meeting, we will begin the selection process and set up personalized meet-n-greets with our staff. Our staff and client relations manager will be working with you as we introduce you to our staff. 


On average, our client on-boarding process takes 4-6 weeks - so contact us early to make sure you give yourself enough time to meet your assistant.


Our promise to you:

  1. Safety will be our #1 priority for both our clients and our contractors
  2. Our best effort will be put forth to accomodate all inquiries and requests in a timely manner (usually within a 48-72 hour period)
  3. A thorough interview and background check will be performed on all contractors we hire
  4. All information collected will remain confidential, and will not be sold to third parties
  5. Everyone in our family...including both contractors and customers...will be treated with the utmost respect


In the end, if you are not satisfied with the quality of service we have provided, we will do our very best to help make things right. 



So how can we help you today? Let's chat!


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