Do you offer childcare?

With the exception of occasionally event childcare support (e.g. house parties), we no longer offer individual child care services.


What about housekeeping and cleaning?

With the exception of basic home maintenance, we no longer offer housekeeping or home cleaning services.


How does payment work?

Our clients pay once or twice a month, depending on preference. Payment can be in the form of check or credit card. Most of our clients put our invoices through a flex savings account or save them for a tax deduction. 


Is placing guaranteed?

Our management team takes a lot of time and effort to find our clients the perfect assistant.  However, we cannot guarantee that you will be paired with an assistant. 


What happens if I am not paired with a staff member?

If we are unsuccessful in finding you a perfect candidate, you can decide between these three options:


  1. Active client: we continue our search to pair you with a candidate that meets your needs; communication updates from management team bi-monthly
  2. In-active client: we will temporarily stop our candidate search for your assignment, but will immediately contact you if we hire someone for another project that also matches your needs; communication updates once a quarter
  3. As-needed basis: we will stop all communications and searches, but will keep your information on file. You may contact us anytime as needs arise.


Is there a minimum time requirement for assignments?

Yes, we have a minimum of 1 hour requirement and/or a flat fee for an assignment (ex: pet sitting).


What is your cancellation policy?

  1. Assignment cancellation within a 48 hour time frame = 20% of the estimated service time
  2. Assignment cancellation within a 24 hour time frame = 50% of the estimated service time
  3. Assignment cancellation within a 2 hour time frame = 100% of the estimated service time


What if my needs change?

We ask you that you communicate immediately with the staff and management team in regars to your schedule changes.  We will work together to make sure the changes go into effect smoothly. 


What is the rush fee?

A $25 rush fee is added to a last minute requested assignments that need coverage in a 48 hour window regardless if coverage is found or not.  This fee is necessary in order to accommodate enough time and attention to our clients in their time of need.


Why do you charge a membership fee?

We believe in building relationship and partnership with our clients.  By welcoming a smaller and more selective number of clients our team is able to provide you with a more personal service.  You can choose if you would like to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly and after your fourth year as a client of ASC you will be a lifetime member!


Do your rates increase for holidays?

Yes, 50% rate increase will be added for Federal Holidays along with Black Friday.


Do you charge for mileage?

When our assistants are transporting someone in their car or are running errands outside of 10 mile radius of your house or office, the standard IRS mileage reimbursement rate will be added to your invoice. 


What if I no longer need your services?

Since we have no limits or requirements, our clients are not committing themselves to a contract and can terminate the services at any time. 


For regular assignments we ask at least 2 weeks courtousy notice so that we can release your staff member's availability and start matching the staff member with new potential clients.  


What if I would like to hire your staff member privately?

Our exit strategy is reviewed on individual basis, with an average industry standard of 3 months pay or 25% of yearly salary is to be expected.  Upon payment, a written authorization will be sent to both the staff and client releasing their ethics/non-compete agreements. 





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