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We always do our best to stay within these windows of time, but every situation is different.  We can therefore never guarantee or accurately predict exactly how much time will be spent on housekeeping services.  While every location will be different depending on size and selected services, please take into consideration the following:


  • Each Half-bath usually takes 25 - 45 minutes to complete
  • Each standard Full-bath usually takes 45 - 75 minutes to complete
  • A standard kitchen usually takes 45 - 75 minutes to complete
  • A standard bedroom usually takes 25 - 45 minutes to complete
  • Reception areas, hallways, stairs, foyers, and other corridors usually take 15 - 25 minutes to complete



Additional Details:

  1. Generally speaking, a 700 – 1000 sq ft (ex: 1 bedroom 1 bath house) will take approximately 2-3 hours to clean.

  2. Even though most cleaning companies charge a flat fee or have a minimum hourly requirement our hourly approach with no minimum puts the client in full control.  You determine how long we are there and /or what jobs you would like us to complete.  There are no additional charges for any service provided during our time at your residence.
  3. All cleaning products are provided directly by the client.  By utilizing your products, we are able to prevent spreading spider eggs and ticks from one house to the next.  We are also able to maintain our low rates and pass on the savings directly to you.  
  4. A rush fee of $25.00 is applied for last minute assignments that fall within a 48 hour window, and will be charged regardless if coverage is found.
  5. Federal holidays and Black Friday will incur a 50% hourly rate increase.


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