In order to maintain high level of service, our staff on-boarding process is very thorough in order to ensure we do not bring on someone simply to fill an open assignment.  We take the time necessary to screen each candidate to make sure they have the qualities and skills our clients expect.  While we always do our best to match a client with their perfect assistant, we cannot guarantee that a match will occur.  


Interested in hiring All Service to staff your next project? The following represents a high-level summary of what you can expect from start to finish! 



Please allow between 4 - 6 weeks to complete the on-boarding process from start to finish. During this time, we will maintain an open communication with you. Your prompt response can help speed up the process for more immediate needs. 


Failure to communicate back in a timely manner might cause a delay and affect estimated 4-6 week timing process.


NEED A HAND? Let's chat!


**Client & staff pairings are not guaranteed and will vary based on individual situations.**


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